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The story of Graphic Dear…

The Brand

Graphic Dear is a young company, founded in 2017 by two Dutch students, Tabitha and Jan. They met each other at work in theme park ‘The Efteling’, where they both worked in Merchandise division. After a while Tabitha and Jan started working together on this new project, both very interested in graphic design and entrepreneurial challenges.

Contact Us

Telephone: +31 6 81 67 39 02
Mail: info@graphicdear.com
Monday – Saturday: 10am – 7pm
Chamber of Commerce-number: 68655436
VAT Identification number: 857538123B01

Our Team

  • Tabitha Heijmans

    Tabitha Heijmans

    Founder & owner

    Tabitha was born and raised in Middelburg (Zeeland), the Netherlands. Ever since she was young, drawing has been one of her hobbies. Over the years she’s been trying out different styles and art mediums, figuring out what suits her best. “I’ve always liked clean and simple designs, I guess you could say the quote ‘less is more’ was written for me! In the last few years I developed a passion for geometric and symmetrical objects and designs so I started experimenting with those aspects in my artwork." Besides creating digital geometric designs, Tabitha also loves to recreate them on a canvas. If you’re interested in a canvas commission, feel free to contact us!
  • Jan Paijmans

    Jan Paijmans

    Founder & owner

    Jan was born and raised in Drunen (Noord-Brabant), the Netherlands. After finishing high school, he started his studies Law and Business Administration at Radboud University Nijmegen. Alongside his study, Jan is very eager to develop his skills and know-how. He is founder of a foundation which provides legal aid to people for free, hoping more people will understand and know their rights and obligations. Jan has always been fascinated by modern art. When he got to know Tabithas skills, he initiated the collaboration with Tabitha to start Graphic Dear, a dream for the both of them.
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